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We have always loved burning candles around our home loving the aroma and ambience. However, we were shocked to find that many waxes and fragrances are toxic when burned and give off phthalates and parabens. We had innocently subjected our family to these toxins and that started our journey to find waxes & fragrances that were safe.

We looked for natural wax and fragrance oils that do not give off toxins and we found that 100% pure natural soy was the wax that we could happily and confidently use.  We only use suppliers for fragrance oils who offer a diverse range of fragrance oils that have be rigorously tested and assure us that they are phthalate and paraben free.


We use wood wicks in our candles which are natural and give a lovely soothing crackle and unique flicker when burned making for a lovely cosy ambience.  They burn a bit differently to the traditional cotton wick and you will find a small "how to use" leaflet with your candle purchase.  For a more in depth version of please go to "how to look after my wood wick candle".

We have just added Reed Diffusers to our range and love how they smell.

We are passionate about our products and sustainability and try to ensure that we are sensitive about our environment. We hand pour candles from our home and offer a personal service to our customers with an excellent customer service.

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